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Hi, and welcome to my Red Hot Blog…

Sorry for not posting in over 6 months but I was very naughty and wordpress locked me out of my own blog! But I’ve promised to be good now so … I’m back!

But as we’re now well into 2012 I thought I’d do a quick round up of 2011 in pictures.Last year turned out to be completely different to what I’d expected at, www.red-xxx.com I’m still flying all over the globe but it was great suprise to meet up with my old girlfriend Anna – and even better that she’s joined us on red-xxx. I hope you get to enjoy our fuck fests as much as we did – when this lady gets going with her strap-on she gives you guys a run for your money believe me! After the fucking she gave me I can safely say she hasn’t lost her touch and she’s raring to go this spring!

Just a little update from my dirty weekend in the cuntry

Cold front

Warmth needed!

I’ve just added some pics from my favourite shoots last year!

Blue Jeans


Stuck on you!


Hand fulls!

As I gather some of you rather enjoyed my Summer holiday pics, I’ve added some extra out and about pics a little closer to home!



Glyder Fach

Glyder Fach




Hopefully you all enjoyed a good break over the Summer. Some of you may have gathered if you were keeping up with my tweets that I grabbed a quick break in Crete in mid June just to recharge my batteries.
I had a fabulous time & managed to stay (at last!) in one of the best suites in Hania which overlooks the harbour. True to form I got fucked over the balcony – my tits were jiggling just metres above the promenaders around the habour late that evening!



Fuck on the balcony!

...but look at my view!

...and in daylight!

After a few days in Hania I went south over the Lefka Ori mountains hiking!



Mountain Red!



Just in case you’ve noticed the little black blobs in two of the pics it isn’t something on the lens, but I seemed to be followed everywhere I went in Sfakia by a couple of Eagles!As for the pics from my jaunts to Portugal, Canada, Turkey – and Portugal again… well, had a few blonde moments probably down to too much bubbly & they were accidentally wiped! I promise to try harder in 2011!Hope you’ve enjoyed my quick little run though of 2010 – and roll on 2011. Now I’ve got my new computer licked and sorted the billing, 2011 looks set to be full of girls and boys in front of the cameras rather than behind!

Love and Kisses


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